Combined Therapies

Reiki EnergyCombined Therapies are extremely beneficial.  A treatment can be tailor made to your needs.  Any of these therapies can be greatly enhanced with Reiki added to them at the end of the treatment.

Reiki is a safe, holistic method of hands on healing.  It will balance, relax and energise the body.  Although Reiki is a subtle energy, it is extremely powerful.  A valuable tool in the aid of healing.

Reflexology and Reiki

After a reflexology treatment the client is relaxed and so the meridian energy lines that run through the body are more receptive to a Reiki treatment as the energy is able to flow. It is therefore extremely beneficial to combine these treatments. As with reflexology, to experience the full benefit of Reiki it is recommended to receive between 4 to 6 treatments. This number is usually enough to sort out negative stress, tension and anxiety.

Price: 60 minutes Reflexology and 15 minutes Reiki £40/Reflexology and 30 mins Reiki £45

Aromatherapy and Reiki

For the ultimate luxurious treatment of massage, essential oils combined with Reiki to release blocked energy and refresh and revitalise the body with all the benefits of both treatments

Price: 60 minutes Aromatherapy with 15 minutes Reiki £45/Aromatherapy and 30 mins Reiki £50

Swedish Massage and Reiki

For the relief of muscular aches and tension a massage with the healing powers of Reiki will promote healing and both revitalise and relax the body giving your treatment that extra dimension and the floating feeling

Price: 60 minute Massage and 30 minute Reiki £45

30 minute Back neck and shoulder Massage and 30 minute Reiki £40

Luxury Facial and Reiki

Combine the healing of Reiki to the facial for a supreme treatment

1 hour luxury facial with head, neck and shoulder massage £40.00 plus 15 minute Reiki £45.00

Hot Stone Massage and Reiki

Another luxury treatment to enhance the ultimate feeling of well-being and health. Reiki will accentuate all the benefits of a hot and cold stone massage to make you feel on top of the world, both relaxed yet energised.

Price: 60 minute hot stone massage £55 with 15 minutes Reiki £60

The Price is £5 for every 15 additional minutes of Reiki