Reflexology is a safe, natural, holistic therapy that is widely used and extremely successful today. The principle being that the organs and glands of the body have a corresponding reflex point in the feet. This is a relaxing, enjoyable and thoroughly beneficial treatment.

1216159293zb28rj1Continuous or frequent negative stress can have a multitude of adverse effects which can be severe in some cases. Stress inhibits the body’s capacity to return to a balanced state. Reflexology helps relieve tension as it is calming and soothing thus invoking a sense of well-being, balance and harmony. This can help manage the stress that caused the problems initially.

Indeed reflexology is increasingly recognised by the NHS and some GPs are referring their patients for this therapy. Reflexology is often used alongside conventional care in hospices, hospitals and other healthcare settings, to help support patients with a variety of conditions.

Reflexology brings a sense of well-being by helping to rest, calm and relax the body, relieving strain and improving mood and aiding sleep.

Although every person responds to treatment differently, it is suggested that allowing for four to six treatments is recommended. Nevertheless improvements may still be seen immediately in some cases.

Price: 1 hour treatment £45.00 Cash/cheques or the Paypal option below.  Please choose a therapy.

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