Reiki Healing

astralearth1Reiki is a Japanese name pronounced Rei Ki known as Universal Life Energy.  It is derived from rei meaning ‘free passage’ and ki meaning ‘vital life force energy’.  It is an oriental method used to as an aid for stress and relaxation that also promotes healing by working with energy.

Reiki is a subtle, simple, natural gentle healing tool which is at the same time extremely powerful. It promotes deep relaxation encouraging well-being.

The many benefits include:

  • Promoting natural self healing
  • Balancing the organs, glands and energies in the body and stimulates the body’s natural healing ability
  • Relaxes and reduces stress and releases blocked and suppressed energy and feelings.
  • Aids meditation Generally heals holistically bringing deep relaxation
  • Improves the sense of overall well-being

A Reiki treatment can be received after and during treatments such as reflexology, aromatherapy or all massage therapies as an added healing procedure/or can be given as a one hour treatment solely focusing on a full Reiki session.

66356551The Reiki treatment entails the client relaxing fully clothed on the therapy couch. The Practitioner holds the hands on or above the client. The energy will flow into you, drawn towards your own needs wherever it is most needed and can be felt as a warm sensation or tingling in the body. Receiving Reiki is an extremely beneficial relaxing and soothing experience.

Price: £40.00 for a one hour treatment

Gift vouchers are available on request

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