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As I work in the field of health and wellness, I have always found it fascinating to explore how the body actually speaks what is on your mind.  Deb Shapiro's book 'Your Body Speaks Your Mind' does just this.

As human beings we are obviously not only a body, we are a body, a mind and spirit which are all linked to produce our own unique individual nature.  I believe these three aspects of our being work together to create a state of balance and energy which leads to radiant health.  If we just go to a doctor for our body or a psychiatrist for our mind or only focus on our spirituality we are not looking at the whole.  Therefore taking a holistic view may more accurately pin point any ill health physically or mentally.

For example, after having excruciating toothache with umpteen dental appointments, x-rays, a root canal procedure not to mention spending a heap of money, the pain was still unrelenting.  On visiting a doctor she immediately recognised trigeminal neuralgia, which I had not heard of.  A course of amitriptyline tablet which treat nerve pain quickly took effect.  I was stunned to realise that the stress I was feeling below the surface had such a physical affect it had stopped me in my tracks.

I often refer to Deb Shapiro's book in trying to get to the cause of problems for my family, friends and clients.  She states her book will enable a person to decode the priceless information the body is giving.  There have been several times I have read out a relevant section to a client and thought 'surely not' only to find the person nodding in recognition.  For example someone with irritable bowel syndrome who was having reflexology recognised some truth when the book pointed out the issue could be connected to maintaining power and boundaries or with letting go and releasing control.

There is much to explore on this topic as it does seem to make sense.  We are finely tuned and often sensitive to more than we realise.  Our joy and sense of fulfilment with life is fundamental to our happiness, health and wellness.  When we are creative and doing the things we love we thrive, our spirit is nourished as is our mind.  As a result our body reflects health, vitality and wellness.

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